Make your own Easter egg hunt…and other Easter activities.


If you’ve read my other Easter blog, you’ll know that we’re having a family gathering on Good Friday – our annual shindig with the traditional fish and chips, hot cross buns and too many chocolate Easter eggs!

I’m in charge of entertainment – not because I am particularly good at it, because I’m the only one who can be arsed- and this year I have a range of Easter themed activities to keep the whole gang busy, from the toddlers to great-grandma!

Firstly, we’ll decorate and personalise Easter Jars so that all the kids can take home a little nest egg instead of 20 chocolate eggs – read about our Ethical Easter Gifting here. Then the egg hunt! I am not doing a traditional find-the-eggs-hidden-in-the-garden type egg hunt because we have lots of kids and a range of ages which means that the older ones go off and find all the eggs, leaving none for the littluns. This year, to make it fair, I am pairing a biggun with a littlun and sending them off on an Easter Treasure Hunt. They have to find and solve clues, collect the letters and decode an anagram in order to win a bag of Easter eggs. Should keep them occupied for a few extra minutes while the mums quaff Prosecco- everyone’s a winner, literally!

For the very littluns (plus older cousins or grown ups to help) I have made a scavenger hunt and for the tweens and teens I have an Easter-themed pub quiz. It’s an intergenerational affair that means the older kids will need to work with the adults to stand a chance of answering the questions.

As we are now too big a family to fit in the same room, we hire a hall for the Christmas and Easter shindigs so we can all be together without sitting on each other’s laps! Plenty of booze, fish and chips, games and crafts to keep everyone happy – should be a ‘hoppy’ Easter!

Amy x

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