Slime Workshop at Slime Planet (London SW9)


…the best slime workshop ever! I love your slime workshop and I want to go there again

Arabella, age 6

My daughter, like most other kids, is obsessed with slime! She plays with it, tries to make it, obsessively watches YouTube videos about it … so imagine my delight when I saw an ad on facebook for a Slime Workshop…and it was local…and it was only £12.50! I jumped at it. I do not like slime, I certainly do not like it in my deep-pile rug, so slime at a workshop and not in my living room is a winner! It was really easy to book and this morning I trooped a trio of slime aficionados to the 11am workshop.

Slime Planet is a new business but is obviously doing really well. The ladies who run it are super-lovely, encouraging and supportive but not pushy- very important for my 4-year old with sensory issues, who refused to wear the apron or touch the slime, but enjoyed the pouring and stirring ( I was his helper and made some excellent slime!)

The workshop starts with a mini presentation about all things slime- it is educational, engaging and entertaining with lots of gross-out things that kids love…revolting smells and fart jokes! Then they make their own slime and can add colour, glitter, scent and beads for texture (or ‘crunch’ as I am reliably informed by a 6-year-old slime maker) and shaving foam to make it soft. The kids had a wonderful time and made ‘proper’ slime, just like the stuff they admire on YouTube.

The group then make a giant slime and use it in a game of what looks like slime Hokey Cokey- the gasps and squeals of delight evidence of how thrilled the kids are to be up to their elbows in slime. The giant slime is divided between all the kids to take home.

If your kids love slime and, like mine, aspire to host a YouTube channel all about the gooey stuff, I highly recommend the Slime Workshop. If nothing else, it keeps the experiments out of your kitchen and the slime out of your carpets!

Amy x

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