Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, Beaconsfield

Getting up close in the model village

Bekonscot Model Village is the world’s oldest, open since 1929! It is such a fun, family day out and has a unique, old-world charm about it.

I can remember going as a child and loving peering in the windows of the buildings and imagining who lived there. Today my littluns did exactly the same! Although I might have told them that the Borrowers lived there so they were busy looking for evidence!

View of the Bekonscot Model Village

An hour-ish from London, Bekonscot is in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. Tickets need to be booked online and in advance and cost from £11.80 for adults and £7.50 for children over 2. Under 2s are free and there are concessions for disabled people and carers. Parking is included.

As you enter the site, the first stop is a miniature railway. This is optional and charged at £1.50 per person. You can do it at any point in your visit and more than once if you’re happy to pay for it. It only takes around 5-minutes and you get a tour of the site by train. This was very enjoyable but can add up if you’re in a big group- or can’t get your child off of it!

On the Miniature Railway

After the train we wandered around the model village, the kids were really impressed by the models and were so excited to peer in the windows and make up stories about who live there. It’s very wholesome and cute!

This week, being the Easter holidays, they have free arts and crafts in the education room and a bunny trail. We were so impressed with the crafts! Really good ideas that the kids were keen to make and take home.

Making a Chick Basket for chocolate eggs

It’s a small site and there are plenty of visitors (although it didn’t feel packed) but we did go for an early lunch in the tea room to avoid a long queue. Food options are good and very reasonably priced. Lots of people bring picnics and packed lunches too and there are places to sit and enjoy your lunch.

Next stop was the playground. Probably better for younger children, but my two enjoyed the slides and climbing frames for a while. They especially enjoyed piloting the boats on the lake. This is £1 a go (lasts a few minutes) and is payable by card.

Looking for the Borrowers!

The whole site is cashless so make sure you have your card. This suited me- but it doesn’t get you out of paying for the model boats because you don’t have any change!

A summary of our visit today

It’s so good here! It’s better than Miniland at Legoland! Can we come again?

Arabella, age 9

Enjoy your adventures!

Amy and the littluns x

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