What I Pack in my Just-in-Case Day Bag for a child with SEND

The contents of our just-in-case bag

Warmer weather and school holidays are on the horizon which means lots of day trips, mini breaks and outdoor adventures for us.

Life with a child with additional needs can be stressful and unpredictable at times. Luckily, I am, by nature, ridiculously organised and I have perfected the just-in-case day bag for our adventures. This is what I pack in our day bag and why…

👉 I use a Karrimor backpack as it has multiple pockets, side pockets, it’s lightweight and has comfy straps. It’s essential to have my hands free to hold little hands and be able to catch little runaways!

👉 Lightweight blanket that doubles as a picnic rug and a tablecloth for picnic tables Eden doesn’t like the look of. Easy to throw in the wash after use and really light. Can also be used as a towel for those moments when your son is standing in the middle of a water fountain fully clothed and refusing to move!

👉 Cleaning equipment- baby wipes for hands and faces, dettol wipes for tables and equipment, hand sanitisers and sprays. It’s difficult to use public loos as Eden hates the hand dryers, so hand washing before eating can be a battle. A wipe down and thorough spray will have to do!

👉 Small bottle of sun cream- in the vain hope the sun comes out enough to use it! (Sun hats live in the car just in case!)

👉 First aid kit that contains first aid spray, cleaning wipes, plasters and dressings, thermometer and sachets of calpol, bite and sting cream, hay fever tablets, and headache tablets for me! I would highly recommend the bite and sting cream- from wasp stings to bug bites to Eden crashing his scooter and landing face first in a bed of nettles- this stuff has been fabulous!

👉 Radar key for disabled bathrooms. 👉 Ear defenders for noisy environments 👉 Selection of sensory toys

👉 Paper and colouring pencils is a must for us. So useful when waiting or as a distraction but also handy for impromptu nature crafts like leaf rubbing or scavenger hunts.

👉 A change of clothes (usually comfy bottoms and a hoodie), wellies and a towel live in the car just in case. My littluns are well known for running into the sea or jumping in a pool fully clothed so spare, warm clothes are a must.

👉 Lastly, my final essential and top tip is a black sharpie pen. So handy for writing my mobile number on wristbands in case Eden runs off or gets lost.

We love our adventures and never leave home without the just-in-case bag as you never know and it always pays to be prepared!

Enjoy your adventures!

Amy x

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