Outdoor Adventures: Natural Play Trail at Box Hill, Surrey


Box Hill is a National Trust hill in Surrey with amazing views across the North Downs. Super popular with cyclists and walkers, it’s also a firm fave with families who gather to picnic, play, walk and climb trees.

Unlike some of the other hills in the area, you can drive and park at the top, you don’t have to climb the hill first to enjoy it – although you can if you want to. There are the usual facilities: car park (charges apply, free for NT members), cafe, loos and ice cream van. There are plenty of paths for the littluns to have an adventure – big or small, lots of trees to climb up, and very steep hills to roll down.

Box Hill also has a Natural Play Trail. It is a two-mile trail through the woods with trees and structures to climb on and play around. It is a self-guided trail that you can access at your own pace. Spend and hour or the day and bring a picnic for a wholesome outdoor adventure.

Outdoor Adventure Play and Health & Wellbeing:
Outdoor Adventure Play provides a unique space for children and has physical and emotional benefits for children and the wider family.
• Children have the freedom to do what they want when they want, take positive risks and make friends across age ranges/abilities/genders
• A ‘yes’ space for children as opposed to the many ‘no’ spaces in their lives (school, home, the public)
• Children can talk about and explore their identities
• Children have fun playing and and moving without it feeling like traditional ‘exercise’
• Children can access nature and the outdoors
• Although play can happen in teams, it can also be non-competitive and non- judgemental
• Outdoor adventures are perfect for the whole family and offer opportunities for family time.
• Children can play with other children, parents and family members – they make choices, take positive risks and get dirty.

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