Know Before You Go: Dennis & Gnasher’s Big Bonanza at Kew

Yesterday we went to Dennis & Gnasher’s Big Bonanza at Kew Gardens. I booked for 2pm- as that was the only slot available- and it was busy, as expected, with families enjoying all that Kew has to offer.

The Beano-themed trail is in honour of 70 years of the comic book characters and their calamitous capers. It is a fun trail, suitable for the whole family- it is not a hunt with a map, it doesn’t have clues to solve and there is no prize at the end. It is a walking trail that has giant comic strips set up for cute photo opportunities, there are wobbly mirrors, step-on whoopee cushions that make a variety of fart noises (clearly very popular with kids!) and giant water pistols that shoot orchid targets in the lake.

Comic strips make lovely photo opportunities

It is longer and more interactive than the previous Gruffalo trail. It took us around 90-minutes and the kids enjoyed running from one thing to the next, reading the facts and jokes along the route as well as the farts and water pistols! It is busy and these sections can get congested, but hang back and wait for the crowd to move on and you get a little bit of breathing space (and time to take pictures) before the next lot come along.

I would suggest that it’s a great way to get the kids to do a long walk in the fresh air- we did 16,000 steps and felt knackered by the end of it. There’s no additional cost, the trail is included in the ticket price/free for members.

Step on the whoopee cushions to hear different fart noises

Food & Drink

Lots of families had packed a picnic and were having a break along the trail route. It’s quite long and open and there are lots of places to sit and have a picnic. Due to Covid restrictions the restaurants are closed but there are various outdoor spots to buy food, coffee and snacks. We stayed until closing so decided to have dinner there which was nice enough but pricey… two hotdogs, a burger and two fries cost almost £30!


Parking can be a bit of a nightmare at Kew; Ferry Road car park fills up quickly and people park wherever and however they can. At 1pm there was no chance of parking in the car park so we parked on the street. Kew Gardens Station on the District Line is a short walk away from Victoria Gate.

Children with SEND

Kew Gardens is Eden’s favourite place so we spend a lot of time there and are members. Blue Badge holders park for free in the car park and the disabled bays outside the gates with no time limit. Another good thing is that children with disabilities don’t need to book a time for the Children’s Garden- which is fab as it is almost constantly fully booked! Speak to the staff on the gate and they will let you straight in with no time restriction.

Dennis & Gnasher’s Big Bonanza is on at Kew Gardens until Sunday 18th April 2021

I enjoyed doing the quiz to find out which character I am most like. I am most like Rubi! I liked the whole trail, it was really fun especially the whoopee cushions!

Arabella, age 8
Shooting the water pistols to hit the orchid in the lake. There are 9 buttons so this bit was pretty busy
There are three funny mirrors on the route- these are popular.

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