The NEW Children’s Garden at Kew


New for 2019 is the much-anticipated Children’s Garden at Kew. It has been some time in the making but is definitely worth the wait. Be warned, in these early days, the number of families visiting the garden is huge and that’s exactly what you’ll do…wait!

We visited today. We got there at 9:45 (it opens at 10), parked in the Ferry Road car park, so as to enter through the gate nearest to the Children’s Garden but, alas, when we got there the queue to get a wristband for a timed slot was epic! You queue up to get a wristband for a 90-minute session. The queue for wristbands was pretty much gone by 11:30 but bands were given out for sessions throughout the day, with the latest being 5:45-7:15.

If you have a child with additional needs, speak to the staff as they have special wristbands that will let you enter straight away and you don’t have to queue. E was having a very difficult time in the queue and, luckily for us, a member of staff spotted us and gave us wristbands to go in there and then. This was very much appreciated and made our lives so much easier!

It’s the best place ever! I love it. My favourite things are the trampolines and the treetop walk.

Arabella, 6

The Children’s Garden is wonderful! A victim of its own success, it is going to be dead popular for sometime, but the benefit of the timed slots is that, once you’re in, it doesn’t feel crowded. It is an enormous space, with something for everyone and you can find a quiet corner for a picnic or to do cartwheels on the grass.

The garden is divided into four areas- earth, air, sun and water – all the things plants need to grow. The planting is brilliant and you’ll take a path or trail and come across something you didn’t expect. There is water play- an area for paddling and splashing so bring a towel or change of clothes – my two especially loved the tree top walk, sand area with slides and the climbing equipment. The Children’s Garden is included in the ticket price – you don’t pay any extra to visit – and members go free.

It will be lovely to see how the garden changes as the plants mature and the seasons change. We’re really happy to have had the chance to visit today but we’ve decided to let the novelty wear off a little before the next visit!

Enjoy, Amy x

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