The Magic of Merlin Passes. Legoland, Windsor

  • I recently ‘invested’ in Merlin Annual Passes. I’d thought about it before but never quite got round to it. Then I discovered that, rather than forking out upfront, you can pay monthly and spread the cost across the year. Seemed like a no-brainer, so I signed up.
  • The standard pass, unless your life is unfettered by the shackles of the term-time treadmill, is pretty useless as you can’t use it at all in August🤔 so, if your kids are in school, you need to go with the premium pass at £11.99 per pass per month. It was dead easy to buy online- upload an image of the passholders to be printed on the card- and the passes, lanyards, discount vouchers and these odd little ‘pop’ badges (that I quickly discovered are obsessively collected by MAPpers!) arrived in the post a couple of days later.
  • Our first outing was to Legoland…during the Easter holidays…needless to say it was absolutely packed! Still, the MAP is a bit like a safety net- doesn’t really matter if it’s a bit shit- we’ll come another time- for free. I like this, it takes the pressure out of the day; everyone can relax a bit and we don’t have to grit our teeth and pretend we’re having a really perfect day!
  • I felt particularly chuffed and smug as we bypassed the epic queue to get in and sailed straight through like VIPs. The gate price on that day was £60. £60?? Seriously? I actually couldn’t believe it and already feel like the MAPs will pay for themselves!

    Lots of day trips ahead: Chessington, Shrek Adventure and the London Eye to begin with and we’ll venture to Warwick Castle for an overnighter in May half-term. We’ll keep you posted with tips and tricks and, ultimately, let you know if it’s worth it.

    Amy x

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