How to visit Stonehenge for free!


As English Heritage members, we have been to Stonehenge a few times. To be honest, it’s one of the best EH attractions so you feel compelled to to make the most of your membership!

Stonehenge is one of those must-see places-at least once. The cost can add up at £21.10/£12.70 for on-the-day tickets (adult/child price, under 5s free and concession available) throw in lunch, ice cream and unreasonable demands for souvenirs and your family day out can cost a pretty penny!

Audio guides (I recommend the kids one) are included in the admission price, as is the shuttle bus to and from the stones. There is an exhibition to enjoy and, ‘hands on history’ activities- A made a beaded bracelet and E fiddled with bone carvings.

In short, you’re paying for ‘the Stonehenge experience’. If, however, you’re a bit of a cheapskate, you can visit the ancient stones for free. Stonehenge is about a mile from the visitors centre. Bypass the queue to find a grassy path-on a slight incline – that leads to the stones. When you get to the henge you are separated from the paying guests by a rope fence. You are a little further back than other visitors (you can’t get too near the stones anyway) and you can’t walk around the henge but you can see them and take photos … and it won’t have cost your family of four £55.

On a nice day, the walk back is very pleasant. Some families were having picnics in the adjacent field – saves on lunch costs and queuing on a busy day- all seemed very relaxed and civilised! You can still visit the gift shop, cafe and look around the outside exhibits.

Challenge yourself to a spend-free day out by packing a picnic and avoiding the visitors centre altogether. Park on Fargo Road and walk up to the stones via a public footpath.

Enjoy! X

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