Making the most of our non-toy Christmas Presents!

As much as I love Christmas, the thought of filling our home with unnecessary plastic toys fills me with horror! The lead up to the festive period is fraught with frantic research as I ponder, peruse and plan to make sure my kids have a selection of wonderful and exciting pressies to dive into on Christmas morning. This year, however, I made the decision to avoid unnecessary gifts, duplicates of toys they already have, and large, ugly plastic contraptions that wouldn’t last five minutes!

It was quite a task to find decent non-toy gifts for Christmas presents – my 4 and 6 year olds would definitely not appreciate the ‘gift’ of a planted tree or sponsoring a donkey – certainly not at this age! After much research I settled on a great gift idea for my littluns!

I saw an advert for The Woodland Trust on instagram and, bingo! I signed my littluns up for membership, assured that they would receive a cute, personalised welcome pack in time for Christmas. Using this as my inspiration I decided to make them both a Nature Detective Kit. I ordered a little bag each, binoculars, magnifying glass, bird whistle, note book and pencils, a little snack box for those essential sarnies, and I wrapped it all up with other nature themed trinkets- all from Rex London.


The kids look forward to receiving their seasonal Nature Detective packs in the post- the stickers are always a big hit- and we make use of this ‘equipment’ every week on our Screen-Free Sundays! Whether it’s a long walk looking for birds, bugs and wildlife or exploring the ruins of castle, the Nature Detective Kits come with us! Safe to say, this non-toy Christmas gift was a winner. Alas, they did still receive too many plastic toys but, hey-ho, one Christmas at a time!!


Enjoy the Great Outdoors with your Nature Detectives! Amy x






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