How to Make the Most of Peppa Pig World with Little Londoners

All little kids love Peppa Pig. Fact. I bet you 50p that you have sat through endless hours of the show, bought all the merchandise and plastic rubbish, watched it on the big screen at the cinema-  you’ve probably had a Peppa Pig themed birthday party to boot! This degree of fandom compels us to take our little ones to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park for the full-on, immersive experience.

We have been to PPW twice and both times we did the Short Break. My Little Londoners were 1 and 3 the first time and 3 and 5 the second time we visited; I would recommend the Short Break as it is easy, organised and good value.

Now, Peppa Pig World is a themed area in the larger Paulton’s Park, a theme park in Hampshire. Unlike some of the bigger theme parks, Paulton’s Park doesn’t (yet) have its own hotel so the Short Break is in conjunction with nearby hotels (well, some of them are not that nearby at 40 miles away). Both times we have chosen to stay at the Holiday Inn, Fareham. It is 19 miles away and around a 25-minute drive to Paulton’s Park. This suits us as the closer hotels (still 8-10 miles away from the park) are more expensive and keeping the cost down means more money for ice-cream and souvenirs. Plus this Holiday Inn has a swimming pool which adds extra excitement to staying in a hotel- and wears the little ones out before bed.

This little trip had other surprising perks too! At check-in, the kids were given an activity pack and helped themselves to fruit and cookies. The family room was great – huge beds and lots of space. At dinner, the kids ate free with a paying adult; I paid for one adult meal (and a very large glass of red wine) and got both kids’ meals free – bonus! Breakfast is included in the package, so on the second day we filled our boots surrounded by a plethora of overexcited Peppa Pig fans desperate to get back to the fun!

Our package included entry to Paulton’s Park (PPW is included – you don’t pay anything extra for that) on two consecutive days, one night in a hotel and breakfast. In addition we had free swimming, car parking and kids’ evening meals for the grand sum of £258. I thought this was a really good deal as on-the-day tickets would cost £185.

Day 1: There is a lot to do at Paulton’s Park so, for us, our little legs and short attention spans, spreading the fun over the two days works well. We set of from home early on the first day and get to Paulton’s Park for as close to 10am as possible; the earlier you get there, the closer you can park to the gate. The park closes at 5:30 so it is actually a bit of a rush to get round and see/do everything. We spent between 10am and 3pm in the park. I managed to extract my son from the softplay around 3pm and we made our way to the hotel. After checking-in we went swimming, ran around the courtyard and had dinner, before collapsing into bed and having a really fabulous nights sleep!

Day 2: Fascinated by the array of breakfast items on offer, my kids indulged in a 3-course, buffet breakfast. I actually think they tried everything going- including the grapefruit. Now, I draw the line at stocking up on breakfast items to make a picnic lunch to smuggle out in your handbag, but I could see many other families doing just that! We drove back to the park, again getting there for 10am and spent the rest of the day exploring the park.

Paulton’s Park is fab for kids and Peppa Pig World is super popular. We last went in half-term and it was busy. There are only actually 9 rides in PPW so we queued for everything. We didn’t get to go on the two new rides as the queue was always a 45 minute wait and my two just can’t do that yet. If you can go during term-time you’ll get a fab deal and a better experience as you won’t have the queues. Despite that, the rides are great (they are all designed for adults to go on with their kids so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll fit!) and the kids love it. In addition to the rides you have a big gift shop, cafes and kiosks, a softplay space, entertainment and meet & greets with the characters – we’ve met Peppa and George a few times!

Peppa Pig fans go for PPW but be sure to spend time in the wider Paulton’s Park. For great rides and attractions for under-5s check out the animals in Little Africa and the rides and creepy crawlies in Critter Creek. My two loved the Victorian Carousel, Viking Boats and Pirate Ships and we all loved the 4D cinema – a must-see for all the family. We avoided the big thrill rides but we did venture in to the Lost Kingdom for lunch and met a ‘real-life’ Tyrannosaurus Rex- that was actually quite scary and my 5-year-old freaked out. We stumbled upon a play area with bouncy castles and trampolines and there is a decent-sized splash park in Water Kingdom so take swimwear and a towel.

Even though we did so much across those two days (and we’ve done it twice) there was still a lot to do. Looks like we’ll have to do it again!

Enjoy! Amy x




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