Hello and welcome!

806D0E2E-8D64-4A79-855D-5263194ED754Hello and thanks for joining me. Just so you know, I’m a busy mum of three, living and working in SW London and spending numerous hours each week surfing and scrolling in search of inspiration and ideas to keep my little ones busy!

In this quest I have become an expert researcher, Pinterest ponderer and manipulator of phrases to type into search engines! Still, some weeks are better than others.

I am prompted to write this blog after my own futile quest to find activity-inspiration. I plan to write the kind of blog I want to read. One that offers information, suggestions, reviews and top tips on local (and local-ish) activities, experiences and places of interest in and around London for families with young children.

From our family to yours, who doesn’t want the inside scoop on cheap tickets, best parking spots and where to get a babyccino when it all gets too much (hmm, that’s a gin and tonic for mum, please!)

Feel free to send me your favourite things to do and top tips for a toddler-tastic day out! I look forward to receiving your wisdom!

Life is for living! Amy x

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  1. Hafida says:

    Best blogs iv ever read ,i really enjoyed
    I get influenced by your ideas .


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